Big Fish Abduction!
Have you seen this fish?

"Fish Sticks" by Amy Crews was abducted from the corner of 4th & Broad Streets sometime during the night of Friday, February 9th or early morning hours of Saturday, February 10th.


"Fish Sticks," AKA "Fin" is one of 10 by Alabama Artists and its safe return is hoped for.

My Dearest Fin, I miss you so

Why was it you had to go?

Did someone break you off your post?

Or, did you swim off for the coast

Perhaps you found a Valentine

Who tied you up with fishing line.

Please come home soon, this I wish,

Gadsden needs our "Fish Sticks" fish.

Poem by Amy Crews, Artist of "Fish Sticks"

If you have any information, or to arrange an anonymous delivery, please call Bobby Welch at 256-490-6764 or email


Big Fish on Broad Unveiling
Sponsored by Advanced Imaging
Click here to watch a short video by author Daniel Wallace about
Gadsden's Big Fish

The Year of Alabama Art is officially underway and we have unveiled our Big Fish on Broad - 10 Catfish by Alabama artists (including author, Daniel Wallace). All of the catfish will be auctioned off in August. For photos of the fish, visit our Photo Gallery.

This visual Art project is a part of Gadsden Reads: Big Fish, a community project promoting literacy and reading. Beginning in February, new fish will be unveiled in the city each week. In addition to the fish listed above, there will be several other sponsored fish, also painted by local artists.


Other catfish will be provided by:

Advanced Imaging Alabama Power
Robert Aderholt Exchange Bank
Hampton Inn Jeff Phillips Electrical Contractors
Etowah Cherokee Association of Realtors The Gadsden Times
Gadsden City High School Rainbow Food Mart & Carwash
Gadsden Chamber of Commerce The Loop
Gadsden Regional Medical Center  
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