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Gadsden Reads is sonsored by Advanced Imaging of Gadsden and The Gadsden Times. It is a project of the Gadsden Public Library, Gadsden State Community College, and the Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts.. This year's project partners include the Central Carver Museum, Gadsden City High School Drama Department, and the Etowah County Bar Association.

Dr. Don Noble
Professor and Author

Dr. Don Noble holds the Ph.D. from UNC-Chapel Hill and is Professor Emeritus of English and Adjunct Professor of Journalism at the University of Alabama. Noble taught English at the University of Alabama for 32 years and was the recipient of the Eugene Curant Award for outstanding college English teachers in Alabama. In addition to being honored for teaching excellence, Dr. Noble received an Emmy in recognition for his writing of the documentary screenplay "I'm in the Truth Business: William Bradford Huie. Noble has also been a familiar face and voice on Alabama Public Television and Radio since the late 1980's with his literary shows "Bookmark" and "Alabama Bound."

During his years in Alabama Public Television and Radio, Dr. Noble has interviewed such literary legends as James Dickey, John Barth, Peter Taylor, Ray Bradbury, Shirley Ann Grau, and Anne Rivers Siddons. "Whenever possible we've tried to promote Alabama authors," says Noble. "We've talked to Vicki and Dennis Covington, Mark Childress, Madison Jones, Eugene Walter, Elise Sanguinetti, Bob Inman, Howell Raines, Gay Talese, Don Keith, and Albert Murray, just to name a few." Dr. Noble currently hosts a series on Alabama Public Television in which he conducts in-depth interviews with writers. "Bookmark," nearing its 200th episode, airs on APT Sunday afternoons at 1:30.

Dr. Noble is the editor of Hemingway: A Revaluation, The Steinbeck Question: New Essays in Criticism, The Rising South (with Joab L. Thomas), and A Century Hence (by George Tucker). His most recent works include Climbing Mt. Cheaha: Stories from Emerging Alabama Writers and Zelda and Scott/Scott and Zelda: Essays on the Fitzgeralds' Life, Work and Times.